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At Steel & Moss, LLP, we are committed to our clients' satisfaction with our legal services and the results we garner. We hope that our dedication to our clients comes through in the way we handle our cases. We are always open to feedback from current and former clients about our firm.

Dear John:
Just wanted to drop you an email and let you know how very much that i appreciate everything that you did for Jason. Don't know what he or any of us would have done without you. Your guidance and help put him in the right direction of what he needed to do, and that was a relief to him to have someone such as you in his corner.

I really feel like we gained a very dear friend and someday soon Jason and I are gonna come to piedmont rd and take you to lunch and probably your paralegal also because she was a big help with Jason too. People like you john are not easy to find and i feel like i found a true caring human being and a wonderful friend.

In closing this i am wishing you and your family a wonderful thanksgiving and when we sit down at our table to eat, we will be thankful for john moss and his family and for your help and also thankful that we still have our son and that you cared enough to help him. Have wonderful Holidays John and we wish the best to you and yours.

Sent with lots of love,

Congratulations on making U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firms. I still think of you both often. Please let me know if I can be of some kind of help to you."


After sustaining a traumatic brain injury, I was in a very dark place where I could not find my way back to my life again. I lost over a year of my life due to memory loss and other complications. Thankfully, my amazing union source introduced my wife and I to Steel & Moss, LLP.

From the moment these gentlemen graced our lives, I truly felt like we were going to be fine. They go above and beyond their jobs and fulfill their goals with respect, honor, and dignity. The efficiency and professionalism of their paralegal, Keisha, is simply astounding. Every time we had a question, they had the answer. There was never a moment in which they were too busy to speak with us, visit us in Ohio where we reside, or explain the process and what to expect. It is a rare combination of talent and honesty which make this firm my ONLY CHOICE if you need representation.

If I did not have this firm persistently requesting a specific test from a doctor for a diagnosis, I probably still would not know my disabilities to this day. Not only were they trying to get answers for this case, but they were looking out for me and my family. That goes a long way for me. In my eyes, they are more than representation, they are my friends for life.

- Chris

Dear Mr. Steel,
My name is Diedre Ping. My husband, Timothy Ping, has been an engineer for Norfolk Southern Railroad for the last 14 years. In June of 2010, he was in a horrible accident. He sustained 27 traumatic injuries. It took a while, but he is completely over all of that. He has other medical issues also. I have had to fight with the R.R Medical Department and the R.R. Retirement Board. I felt so also alone during all of that. Everywhere I turned, I felt like I ran into a brick wall.

I found out about Paul Wingo and let me tell you, he was such a blessing to us! He was so patient and understanding with me. This has all been an emotional rollercoaster for me, and I know that I probably wasn't easy to deal with at times, but Paul was still always there for me. He made sure that I had any names or numbers that I needed and helped me to keep what little sanity I had left.

He stuck with us and fought with us to get my husband's disability approved, and I can never thank Paul enough for everything. If it hadn't been for Paul helping us, we would have lost our home and everything, so when I say "Thank you," it's from the heart. Please make sure that Paul gets a copy of this letter and again, I sincerely thank you!

-Tim and Diedre Ping