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Products Liability

Any company that produces and sells a product has a responsibility to ensure that the product is safe for consumers and anyone who may use the product. This includes thoroughly testing the design, manufacturing and distribution of the product. When a defective product performs in a way it shouldn't, injuring an individual, the victim has legal rights to recover compensation from the company that produced it.

Advocacy Following Injury Caused By A Defective Product

At Steel & Moss LLP, our attorneys advocate on behalf of victims and their families following product defects. We hold these companies accountable for the pain and injury that has been caused because of an error in the product.

If you have been hurt due to a defective product, please call us today. We will evaluate your case and advise you of any claims that you may have against the company that produced the product. Call our Atlanta, Georgia law firm at 866-551-7480 or contact us online. We handle these cases on contingency.

How We Build A Case

Our attorneys will work with professionals to evaluate the design of the product and how it was manufactured, finding any flaws or errors that should have been caught. We will also investigate whether there have been any issues with the product in the past and if there was adequate signage to warn users of any dangers. If the company had prior knowledge of the issue and failed to warn, you may be entitled to greater damages.

Some of the most common types of dangerous products resulting in injury include:

  • Children's toys with sharp edges, small pieces or hidden dangers
  • Tools or equipment that have the potential to combust or misfire
  • Auto defects in products, including defective tires and air bags
  • Ladders and other home improvement tools
  • Home appliances that can cause fire

We will fight aggressively to hold the responsible parties accountable for the injury that has come to you or a loved one because of their failure to protect.

To learn more about a lawsuit for a defective product, contact our lawyers today.