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Business Litigation And Transactions

The attorneys of Steel & Moss LLP provide experienced business litigation representation to corporations and small businesses in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia. Our lawyers have a track record of success in litigation, and the firm is committed to protecting each client's best interests while advancing the goals of the company.

We are equipped to handle all forms of business litigation and commercial law, resolving disputes efficiently and favorably. This includes:

  • Disputes between shareholders and partners
  • Corporate governance violations
  • Usurpation of a corporation
  • Employment agreement disputes
  • Fraud
  • Buy-sell agreement disputes
  • Corporate dissolution and divestiture
  • Breach of contract
  • Wrongful acts causing damage to the organization
  • Interference with contractual relationships
  • Entertainment law contracts

Our Services

We will manage the negotiation and litigation of any dispute, while keeping your business's priorities and public relations concerns in mind. By dealing with disputes proactively and decisively, your company projects strength and stability to the market, and prevents the dispute from interfering with efforts to raise capital or financing.

Our history of success in litigating even the most complex tort claims has taught us the importance of hard work, preparation, and thorough research into the background and nature of the business concerns at issue. We can clearly and effectively portray your damages to a jury, and reconstruct a paper trail that may be hidden in a mountain of information. Furthermore, our experience can help us quickly evaluate the strength of your business tort claim and formulate a course of action that will maximize your chances of winning at trial. Our reputation for effective legal counsel can also help you avoid litigation through negotiation or settlement.

Meeting Your Business's Needs

To discuss our experience and ability to represent your business dispute, please contact our firm today at 866-551-7480. You can also reach us online.